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Danielle Lunsford

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WELCOME to Mary Kay Seminar 2018!

We are Running into the Cadillac First

in West York /Dover area.

Chasing a #DoubletoHalfMillion Year

Cadillac Unit to be this Year !!

Thank you for being a Customer to a TOP achieving Team

 in the Central PA area. We are so blessed to be able to care

for all your beauty needs !


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COLLEGE Ladies -Meet my Girlfriend -Jamie

She started as a SENIOR in college carrying 18 credits. She earned her first car in finals week.

 ** She was earning 6 Figures before age 23 watch this Video here !

Teacher’s &  Momma’s watch this video

Listen to Amy Kemp's story of her amazing journey in the Mary Kay opportunity, from her start to her million dollar unit accomplishments.

Meet my 6 powerful girlfriends with ALL different backgrounds

Listen to these Career Successful women share . Gloria is the #1 in the nation and a domestic abuse survivor.

These to these women share their prior journeys and how mary kay brought them all together.

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