Step 1

Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or Danielle an Independent Sales Director over the Synergy Super Stars. Or if you are more comfortable with just filling out the form on the right Danielle will get back to you within 24 hours!

Danielle's Contact Information
Phone Number: 717-332-3113

Step 2

Order your Mary Kay Starter Kit
Sign your Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement and purchase the Starter Kit to help you begin selling products right away. In it you will find:

  • Valuable Full-Size Products
  • Product along with Educational Materials
  • Samples and Demonstration Supplies
  • 4 Face Cases with inserts
  • ... and so much more!

Step 3

Begin Training
As soon as your Starter Kit is ordered, you will receive information regarding your First Steps as a New Consultant and begin New Consultant Orientation.

It's Up To You!
Make your life more beautiful. Extra income, increased flexibility ~ it's all in your hands now!

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