Meet Danielle - A little BIT about me.. my Choice.. and my Journey over 15 Years.


How I found Mary Kay - I was first pampered to a Mary Kay Facial at my Aunt's party when I turned 16.  That's when I received my first PINK compact and experienced facial just for me and my friends. Then when I was 19 Mary Kay found me working my PT Job for my family's Business Bricker's French Fries, at a biker event selling fries when I was asked if I ever would enjoy a FACIAL.. I said YES !! My aunt was NO longer a consultant and I needed help with troubling acne.  I never washed my skin and the only color I loved was white eyeliner... (Yes you can giggle)


What Products I loved - I fell in LOVE with the Velocity Skincare that day for Acne Skin.  Then she taught me the correct color for my eyes and how to apply it. I fell back in love with Mary Kay all over again and instantly my confidence soared as I was a mommy to a busy one year old at the time.

WHY I said YES to the Opportunity - I was already working 50-60 hours a week,  I was also a new homeowner and mommy so I had many reasons why the "timing" wasn't great.  But my need for some FUN, EXTRA INCOME (which we needed very desperately --we had more month than $$) and HOPE for more was why I signed the same day as my facial.

What I LOVE most about this Opportunity - I always say why you join and why you stay generally develop into two different answers. What I initially LOVED most was the positive safe place to learn and grow, while I learned about the products and took on the FUN recognition each step of the way. What I LOVE most ten years later are my customers.  The relationship, the sisterhood of time spent together growing into friends and becoming more than just a customer but a friend who I get to care and share in their lives is the best and that's FREE!!! Watching my consultants start where I did and blossom into an incredible woman while not compromising her family or faith in order to be a success! No matter what level she sees for herself and the internal change is my GREATEST JOY to watch.

One thing I want for every woman who is a consultant - I want them to immerse into the family and sisterhood we have in the Synergy unit. My heart always soars at the growth and the changes in ten years as a woman, wife, mommy and business owner!  I can't imagine this without God's vision for me and his endless belief to pursue this in the midst of numerous circumstances. I have never felt so Fulfilled in my calling and I know I'm living out my purpose ! I want that victory for every woman and family I am blessed to share it with.

Welcome to the Synergy Super Star's Web Community!


Our unit is growing larger by the day, and I am praising God for our ever-expanding Mary Kay family! Because so many of you are not local to me, this website will be a great way for you to STAY CONNECTED to ME as your Director, and to stay current with other WINNERS in our unit. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite hot tea, put on some relaxing music, and stay awhile! You’ll find exciting videos, event calendars, profile pictures of other Synergy Superstar women, inspirational stories, training materials, latest contest information, and so much more. We are a TOP unit in  the Dawn DUNN National Area, a Record Breaking 1 Month Normal UNIT!!! Our goal for 2018-19 is to Develop 2 Women and their Growing Teams to Offspring 3 Directors, FREE Cars, 5 Red Jackets and above while raising women's influence in their community to become a First LINE DUNN Area Cadillac UNIT!!   I know we can DO IT!!

My focus is to believe in you for greater success and declaring that you will step into your purpose while having FUN with your Mary Kay business. I am excited that you are joining with me in this adventure!

So let's get started today!

Danielle  Lunsford
Dover, PA